Vesperith is Sariina Tani’s devoted audiovisual expression. It is an intuitive and often experimental exploration of otherworldly themes and inner depths reaching for higher truths, through singing, lyrics, poetry, music, visual arts and animation.

Dwelling in immersive cinematic landscapes on another planets and futures, Vesperith is experimenting with fierce waves of distortion that quiet down to deep mesmerizing ambience, while Sariina’s vocals range from growls and screams to sweet melodies all together possessing a mystical and a feminine quality of strength and fervor.




Vesperith, founded in spring 2014, was Sariina’s slow progress of accepting an artistic path, vulnerability to come forth with her ideas and genuinely expressing them. Being a hermit and a highly sensitive person has turned Sariina to explore and express the shadows and raw themes of self and seclusion while dreaming of worlds beyond, symbolic and abstract planes of existence constantly having a foot in this world and the other foot connected to somewhere else.

Sariina sings, writes lyrics and composes Vesperith’s music, she also creates artwork and animations for Vesperith to create a whole world around her vision. Beside her walks her familiar, a black cat called Noita (Witch) who is a brave guardian of nightly realms keeping Sariina grounded in an adorable way.


Vesperith is currently composing it’s first full length album. More info soon.

Vesperith – Archives

Archives was born to be an evolving gathering of unofficial raw and spontanious material that sometimes are left in the shadows. It is an open release and will be updated as we go. It may contain experiments, jamming, rehearsals, spontaneous songs and poetry.


Vesperith – Esoteros debut EP (2015)

The EP contains 16 mins of music divided into two parts named Sarastaja and Sieluni Palava Ikuinen. The title Esoteros refers to a way of seeing and existing in this world and was an immense metamorphosis for Sariina.

“I was in a dark place where i had to learn a new way to exist and stand with my own two feet. I started to compose my own music and it felt like the only right way to go.
Esoteros is a very personal piece about transformation and rebirth. That, when you burn your old structures down and give yourself a chance.”

Sarastaja starts the story and goes from chaos to accepting the darkness that shows the light. The last part of Esoteros, Sieluni Palava Ikuinen, is mostly without lyrics. Sariina tells about the lyrical process

“I couldn’t find the words to describe what I was feeling. I felt that adding lyrics would only be misleading or diminish the meaning. I hope that the feeling is conveyed to you by the universal language of music. The song is open for everyone’s own interpretation.”